… is available in three basic variants.

The KNABBERLEIN Natur, is a Siberian birch wood, it was gently dried and cleaned without chemicals. Each KNABBERLEIN comes with our high-quality jute rope for hanging.

The KNABBERLEIN with treats is available in the varieties apple, banana, herbs or as a mix.

For a special taste, the KNABBERLEIN can be put together with a mix of different flowers or herbs and is optionally coated with salt.

Individual composition requests are also possible. Please contact us!

Each KNABBERLEIN is also available with two high-quality jute ropes for horizontal attachment.

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Just the right wood

The Siberian birch trees have enough time to grow due to sustainable forestry. This distinguishes our wood with excellent quality and increased density.

The birch for our KNABBERLEIN is therefore particularly suitable for horses, because in the wild they would gnaw on branches, tree bark and bushes to wear down their teeth. This also serves to care for their teeth. This is best done with our Siberian birch wood, as it is harder than European birch.

In addition, they have a healing effect and are used for health care and well-being.

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Happy and balanced horses

The combination of toy, object of occupation as well as vitamin and nutrient supplier causes a special inner bliss in the horses.

The KNABBERLEIN ensures your horse’s balance through the additional occupation it offers. It offers a lot of variety, as it can be used for short-term as well as permanent use. Depending on your needs, you can choose the appropriate variation of the KNABBERLEIN in the shop.


Origin of our woods

We source our wood from sustainable forestry. Environmental protection and sustainability are important to us, so we choose our suppliers with appropriate care.

Each log is individually selected and carried out of the forest by hand, as we place great value on quality. The cleaning of the birch logs is fully organic without the use of any chemical additives.


Made with love

In our small production facility, KNABBERLEIN are made by hand and with a lot of love.

In the interest of your horse’s health, we consciously avoid preservatives and colourings, as well as flavourings and sugar.



The KNABBERLEIN is always produced fresh, after which it has a shelf life of basically 12 months.

The coatings are refined with selected products, which also have a shelf life of at least 12 months if stored in a dry place.

The KNABBERLEIN can be fixed in the horse box or in the pasture, in a place protected from the weather. Therefore, it is suitable both in the (open) stable and for the paddock.

If your KNABBERLEIN hangs in a damp place with little ventilation, the durability will be greatly reduced by the climatic conditions. If this causes mould to form on the treats, you should remove the KNABBERLEIN from the box and have it renewed.

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Perhaps you would like to know one or two things in more detail or have special requests. Feel free to contact us via the contact form, directly by email or via social networks.

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